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Baratunde Thurston unplugged from his digital life for 25 days and is sharing his experience. “The greatest gift I gave myself was a restored appreciation for disengagement, silence, and emptiness. I don’t need to fill every time slot with an appointment, and I don’t need to fill every mental opening with stimulus…”

To help you embark on your own digital detox, we’re putting together a guide to unplugging. This will be something you can print out and take with you. To do this, we’re soliciting pieces of advice from our readers on the best ways to unplug. Got some thoughts? Submit them here, or tweet them at @FastCompany with the hashtag #unplug

I am still a creature of my technological time. I love my devices and services, and I love being connected to the global hive mind. I am neither a Luddite nor a hermit, but I am more aware of the price we pay: lack of depth, reduced accuracy, lower quality, impatience, selfishness, and mental exhaustion, to name but a few. In choosing to digitally enhance, hyperconnect, and constantly share our lives, we risk not living them. We have collectively colluded to take this journey, but we’ve done so inches at a time, not realizing that we have traveled leagues in the process.”

Children are experts at experiential living and being in the moment

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    A good idea and all, but no thanks. I would never have bet my friends without digital technology, let alone live without...
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    Children are experts at experiential living and being in the moment
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